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eForo Publidisa 2012
Connecting the book.

Is there a future for the book business?
The renaissance of the publishing industry
Venue: Museo ABC (ACTIVITIES ROOM / wifi zone)
C/ Amaniel Nº 29-31, 28015 Madrid
Date: Tuesday, 31th May 2012

The current market situation and industry has compelled the book world to rethink the course of the business, reinventing themselves to survive, especially when cultural industries are severely affected by the current crisis.

The trend is toward greater consumption of books, regardless of the format. If the e-book came to remove the foundations of a model that seemed immovable, now the paper book is facing another revolution.

Hence the main theme in this edition of eForo Publidisa is the renaissance of the publishing industry. When some predicted the end of the book on paper due to the eBook, publishers armed with new ideas and strategies show us how to continue developing projects of high added value, based on new technologies and on demand production systems. As a result, new publishing strategies arise where short runs find their site and perpetuate the life of the book. There is a new world order of the book and we want to discuss about it in this edition.


There is an increase offer of book titles, selling less units; however the millionaire annual sells of bestsellers, are reducing gradually.

Thinking about the new book chain, calls up a digital concept, however digital is not an exclusive property of the eBook. The digital storage versus the warehouse. Producing books one by one according to data bases, are also part of the digital sphere of the new model.

The self publishing phenomenon is expanding all over the world, attempting to become an alternative. Nowadays is not a certain bet.

Social reading causes viral consumption of a book; as a result the drop sell becomes into real demand.

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